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Ministry challenges are present in every local church, region and organization. Many deal with similar challenges, and use varying strategies to meet and solve these challenges.

Participants from ABC regions, seminaries, and national agencies joined in conversation to focus on 32 ministry challenges and to discern, listen and learn from one another. These representatives, 92 in total, made up the first ever ABC Mission Table in early November 2013. The 32 topics were determined from a national survey which was a part of the Transformed by the Spirit initiative, and were originally discussed at the June Mission Summit 2013: An American Baptist Biennial Gathering, prior to the Mission Table.

What came out of the Mission Table and Mission Summit? The groups submitted discussion summaries and learnings, which are available below to aid American Baptists in meeting their own ministry challenges in their individual organizations. Additionally, groups continue to focus on these challenges moving into the future.

Views expressed are the sole opinion of conversation participants. They do not express the views of American Baptist Churches USA, or individual American Baptist churches. Conversation notes and summaries are shared to allow American Baptists and friends to easily review and use these Mission Summit Conversations and the Mission Table learnings as they wish.