Evangelism as a Way of Life

Summary of Insights, Challenges and Experiments from Mission Summit Conversations (June 2013)

  • Insights
    • We must understand ourselves and fund a way to intersect our stories with theirs. To accomplish this, we must pray and listen to the Holy Spirit.
    • Evangelism is relational, involves friendships, we must see Jesus in others.
    • Church structures can get in the way of evangelism.
  • Challenges
    • What biases and presuppositions do we bring about evangelism?
    • How do we build healthy relationships?
  • Experiments
    • Training and resources for evangelism are needed.


Summary of Insights, Challenges and Experiments from the Mission Table (November 2013)

  • Insights
    • Evangelism is a relational experience
    • We have to try to get each person to understand that they have a story to tell
    • Don’t assume that people come to Jesus because of the sin in their lives as much as they are attracted to the message of the Kingdom
  • Challenges
    • A challenge to evangelism is that a person needs to trust that they can tell their story and feel comfortable doing so and not be condemned for telling their story.
    • Another challenge is lack of creativity and completeness in the approach.  Once you have shared the good news you need to offer the options.  Make the next connection for the person.
    • Motivation when it comes to evangelism can be a challenge.  In some settings the focus is more soul winning not evangelism.  Too much emphasis is on the numbers
  • Experiments/Projects
    • Telling the Good News and sharing your personal story is what makes evangelism effective.  Tell the stories both individual and corporate.  Tell the stories in ABC.
    • Resources:  The Big Story Gospel:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cxY1PQWovA


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