Next Generation of Leaders

Summary of Insights, Challenges and Experiments from Mission Summit Conversations (June 2013)

  • Insights
    • Organizational structure, desire for control, and traditions hinder development of new leadership. There is a genuine desire among those who are not leaders to know the heritage of the church and learn leadership through mentorship processes.
    • The next generation of leaders will lead in a new way.
    • The next generation leadership is not a generational issue but rather a present and future leadership issue, regardless of age
    • Leadership styles are and will change with a new generation of leaders.
  • Challenges
    • How can current leaders mentor and support the next generation of leaders without expecting them to lead in the same way?
    • Preserving and embracing what is critical and letting go of what is not essential.
    • Understand the culture and hold on to Baptist distinctives as being of value in providing freedom to respond to cultural trends in church life.
  • Experiments
    • Both young and older need to build “Bridges of Understanding” with one another through LISTENING to one another’s stories, hopes and dreams.
    • Could it be that newly identified community needs require new styles of leadership?

Summary of Insights, Challenges and Experiments from the Mission Table (November 2013)

  • Insights
    • Need to strategically work inter-generationally – to be deliberate about this.
    • Freedom to recreate how we do church… no longer needing to “fill slots” – do we even need slots
  • Challenges
    • Young leaders do not see value – we need to show how ministry matters
    • We need to better recognize leadership potential in our churches and nurture them
    • How can the church become a place where change is common place and adaptation is the norm?
    • What is the core purpose of the church and what forms can enhance that now?
  • Experiments/Projects
    • Can we create a clearing house for ideas for engaging this generation?
    • What is the core purpose of the church and what kinds of leaders are needed to fulfill that purpose
    • Can ABPS send to each executive minister the profiles of all new enrollees?


Continued Day 2 – Summary (November 2013)

  • Proposed Projects
    • We plan to conduct a national survey of the needs of congregations regarding future leadership.


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