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American Baptist Regions

      Regional Ministries in American Baptist Churches USA (PDF)

      Regional Ministries Overview



      Office of Regional Ministries
      What Regions can expect from the Office of Regional Ministries

      • On site consultation for regional executive minister search committees from start to finish, including committee selection, orientation, data gathering, interviewing, and recommendation of candidate.
      • Individual and small group orientation for all new executive ministers.
      • Resources for board assessment and development including on site assistance as requested for regional board envisioning, priority setting, and training of responsibilities.
      • Staff development resources including on site team building in such areas as MBTI scoring and interpretation, team development, role clarification, organizational culture assessment, branding, etc.
      • Performance appraisal resources including sample processes and documents, interpretation of instruments (such as Emotional Intelligence, Lominger Leadership Architect, etc.) as well as on site consultation with the appropriate personnel or executive committee.
      • Monthly e-topic resources on leadership development, church vitality, and other topics of regional interest.
      • Crisis management and problem solving assistance.
      • Regular updates on trends impacting local churches and judicatories.
      • Assistance with REMC and NLC meetings regarding speaker requests, agenda setting, logistics, etc.

      View a map of American Baptist Regions.

      A Sampling of the Ministries of ABC Regional Executive Ministers

      1. Promote understanding of the identity of the region both within and externally.
      2. Articulate the future vision of the region.
      3. Implement the vision by working in concert with the staff, board, and volunteers
      4. Provide pastoral care and placement assistance for clergy as needed
      5. Develop the staff team
      6. Resolve conflicts that threaten to limit the implementation of the vision
      7. Celebrate achievements of the region and its congregations.
      8. Read, scan, and learn about new opportunities for the region and its ministries.
      9. Provide a linkage between the region and other entities such as ABCUSA, Councils of Churches, etc