To contact ABCUSA national staff via email, please use our contact form. To contact via telephone, call 1-800-ABC-3USA and use the 4-digit extension below, or dial 610-768- and use the 4-digit extension.

General Secretary
Lee B. Spitzer: (2274)
Kathy Jachowski: Executive Assistant to the General Secretary (2273)

General Secretary Emeritus:
A. Roy Medley

Associate General Secretary for Congregational and Pastoral Effectiveness:
Kevin Walden: (2318)

Associate General Secretary for Finance/CFO/Treasurer:
Alan Musoke: (2291)

Associate General Secretary for Missional Initiatives and Partnerships:
Marsha Scipio: (2326)

Associate General Secretary for Regional Ministries:
C. Jeff Woods: (2341)

Associate General Secretary for Women in Ministry and Transition Ministries:
Patricia Hernandez: (2058)

American Baptist Churches Information Systems:
Gerianne Blier: ABCIS Coordinator (2027)
Bob Lovas: ABCIS System Programmer/Analyst (2110) 
Joyce Lake: Administrative Assistant (2070)
Genia Clarke-Lemonius: Mission Fund Accountant (2145)

American Baptist Women In Ministry/Transition Ministries:
Joyce Lake: Administrative Assistant (2070)

Building Management:
Anita Densmore: Office Manager (2228)

Ken Marsenburg: Director of Development (2106)
Evon Moody: Executive Assistant to the Director of Development (2108)

Information Technology:
Donna Molinaro (2030)
Charlie Dunn (2124)

Mission Resource Development:
Bridget Lipin: Director of Communications (2159)
Tina Kiernan: United Mission Coordinator (2322)
Stacy Emerson: Stewardship Consultant (2010)

Office of Travel and Conference Planning:
Annie Marcucci: Director (2233)
Kathy Young: Associate Director (2222)
Sharese Shedrick: Meeting Planner (2234)

Office of the Treasurer:
Sarah Pingue: Senior Accountant (2161)
David Kahn: Accounting Manager (2332)
Iris Cobb: Administrative Assistant to Treasurer (2280)
Genia Clarke-Lemonius: Mission Fund Accountant (2145)
James Tran: Staff Accountant (2239)
Lisa Fallon: Accounting Assistant