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Alan Musoke is the Chief Financial Officer for American Baptist Churches USA, a denomination which includes approximately 5,000 churches and 1.3 million members.

Musoke joined ABCUSA as Assistant Treasurer in 2004, and was subsequently named Controller. In 2010, he assumed his current position.

As Associate General Secretary for Finance/CFO/Treasurer, and a member of the ABCUSA Leadership Team, Musoke consults regularly with the General Secretary and other executives. As the Chief Operating Officer, Musoke is the chief financial staff person for the denomination, as well as the Board of General Ministries and its Executive Committee, the governing bodies of ABCUSA.

Musoke staffs the Board of General Ministries and the ABC Finance Committees, and serves on the National Leadership Council (the denomination’s chief staff council).

Musoke is responsible for the annual collection, distribution and accounting for denomination-wide Mission Funds. He also manages finances for five other organizations related to American Baptist Churches.

Musoke consults with the denomination’s 33 regions, as requested, on financial and other management matters. He is the convener of the Common Budget Covenant Review Committee, which oversees an agreement among the 37 covenanting partner organizations on the raising and disbursing of common giving from churches.

Musoke is a Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of financial management and accounting experience. Prior to his service at American Baptist Churches USA in Valley Forge, PA, Musoke served as an auditor with a public accounting firm and served in corporate accounting as a Controller, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Accountant and Staff Accountant for several national and international companies, including YMCA, Polytechnic University, Bridgewater Resources Inc., and Orbis International, from 1988 to 2004. He earned an M.B.A. degree in Finance, and a B.S. in Accounting at Rutgers University, New Jersey.

Musoke uses his financial expertise in God’s Service. He is an active member of First Baptist Church of Trenton, New Jersey.