Anti-Racism Task Force Formation

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Anti-Racism Task Force Formation

Anti-Racism Task Force Update
September 17, 2020

The Call to Prayer event for anti-racism was held on August 5, 2020 with over 150 participants. A dozen American Baptists participated in the Call to Prayer by sharing their prayers and reflections on anti-racism. Those who shared their reflections showed great commitment on that day. One person shared their thoughts from a hospital bed and another leader, who had experienced a tornado the day prior and could not find any location with power, shared from a supply room office with persons storing and removing items from shelves in the background.

Following the Call to Prayer, ABCUSA President Karen Podsiadly designed an application process for persons interested in serving on the task force. To date, 37 persons have applied to serve on the task force.

Due to the great number of applicants, three groups are being formed in addition to a task force. The three subgroups will help to identify anti-racism resources for individuals, congregations, and institutions as their overall work is guided by the task force.