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ABCUSA Matthew 25 Grant Fund

American Baptist Churches USA has received some monetary gifts from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous and who asks that the funds be used to address “housing, feeding, education and health with regards to the less fortunate.”  His primary concern is to help ameliorate poverty through his giving.  Accordingly, the ABCUSA Matthew 25 Grant fund has been created.

To be eligible for funds, ministries must have a relationship with American Baptist Churches.  Awards from the fund will be disbursed twice a year, in April and in October, and the maximum given to any ministry will be $5,000 per disbursement.

The application process is structured to help small ministries with limited staff time.  Each applicant will need to complete a one page form, and add a one page explanation about the uses of the funds.  Ministries of any size that relate to ABC are welcome to apply, including local churches.

            To view the application form, please click here: MATTHEW 25 GRANT APPLICATION.