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United Mission is the Vehicle!

As American Baptists, we serve as the hands and feet of Christ. We’re doing what we can to heal a hurting world. This means feeding the hungry; empowering pastors, lay leaders & youth to spread Christ’s love; protecting the environment; promoting Christian unity and more.

United Mission is the vehicle that makes this happen. United Mission is the simple, efficient way American Baptists pool financial resources to maximize the amount of good we can do. These funds are used to connect resources with needs, resulting in meaningful change – and it’s all for God’s greater glory!

United Mission is the Vehicle materials have been sent to churches across the United States and Puerto Rico, and your church should be receiving them in the next few weeks. Please visit the website, UMIsTheVehicle.org, to learn more and to access downloadable resources for use in YOUR church!


It is through United Mission, our one family offering, that each giver is able to participate in the total ministry of our American Baptist family.

These gifts are distributed on a percentage basis according to the covenant agreement between Region organizations, American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA), American Baptist Home Mission Societies, International Ministries, Ministers & Missionaries Benefit Board, and career development centers and partner organizations.

These gifts under gird every aspect of our life together as American Baptists, supporting the cutting-edge ministry projects as well as the administrative support necessary to the success of those projects.


Past United Mission Reflections Written by Ron Vallet

Churches are invited to use these reflections in bulletins or newsletters.

Jesus’ Call to Love and United Mission February 2014

The Lord’s Prayer and United Mission November 2013

The Bondage of Fear and United Mission August 2013

Stewards of the Gospel and United Mission June 2013

“Letter from Birmingham Jail” and United Mission  May 2013

The Wind of God and United Mission April 2013

Giants of the Faith and United Mission  March 2013

“Mission Rejected” or United Mission?  February 2013

The Pastor and United Mission   January 2013

“God’s Full-spectrum Mission” and United Mission  December 2012

“Oak Beams” and United Mission October 2012

“Your Budget Is a Theological Statement” September 2012

“Can These Dry Bones Live?” June 2012

“Reversing Course” May 2012

“A Week of Heavy Going” April 2012

Words and Deeds March 2012

“God Blends the Universe Towards Justice” February 2012

“Turn the Music Down!” and United Mission January 2012

The Gravedigger’s Two Dollars and United Mission(PDF) December 2011

Silos of Ministry and United Mission (PDF) November 2011

A Miracle of God and United Mission (PDF) October 2011

God’s Radical Justice and UM (PDF) September 2011

“Gripped by The Gospel” and United Mission (PDF) August 2011

Saying ‘Yes’ to United Mission (PDF) July 2011

Pentecost and United Mission (PDF) June 2011

Easter and United Mission (PDF) May 2011

The Resurrection and United Mission (PDF) April 2011

United Mission: Treasures On Earth Or In Heaven? (PDF) March 2011

United Mission: A Symphony (PDF) February 2011

God’s Justice and United Mission (PDF) January 2011

Dismembered Mission or United Mission? (PDF) December 2010

Spiritual Anxiety and United Mission (PDF) November 2010

Grateful Congregations and United Mission (PDF) October 2010

Risk Taking and United Mission (PDF) September 2010

Money Matters And United Mission (PDF) August 2010

The Invisibility of United Mission (PDF) July 2010

Pentecost and the First Christian Sermon (PDF) June 2010

The Church: A Miracle That Depends On The Resurrection Work Of God (PDF) May 2010

When God Showed Us The World
According To God
(PDF) April 2010

The Treasure in Earthen Vessels (PDF) March 2010



Read more about United Mission in our recent publication, ConnectingDownload Connecting by clicking here!

Congregations give to United Mission in two ways:

United Mission Basics are undesignated contributions from local churches to the vital mission and ministry of American Baptists. Basics provide support for the extensive foundation of American Baptist missions.

United Mission Love Gifts are contributions from American Baptist women in support of American Baptist ministry, given over and above United Mission Basics.

Change in United Mission Designation

On December 20, 2014, churches were sent a letter about a change in United Mission Designations (UMD). The United Mission Designations category has been eliminated, effective with the January 2015 receipts. Read the full letter here. To view the Updated Forms and Instructions, click here.

Other American Baptist Mission Support Offerings

The five special offerings, America For Christ, World Mission Offering, Retired Ministers and Missionaries Offering, One Great Hour of Sharing, and Regional Offering, are another way to support the good work of specific ministry partners.










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