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ABCUSA Transition Ministries is a resource for your congregation during times when you are without a pastor.

The selection of an intentional interim minister is one of the more significant decisions a church makes.  While you have the option of employing a series of supply pastors to preach and handle some pastoral functions, an intentional interim minister will assist you in accomplishing tasks that can strengthen your church.

We urge you to draw on the programs and resources of ABCUSA Transition Ministries.  We work collaboratively with state and regional staff and keep them informed of our latest policies and resources.  Please explore the resources provided on this site.  When you are ready to request an interim minister, be sure to contact your regional staff:

American Baptist Regions


Churches may request a Minister-at-Large. A Minister-at-Large usually resides in a furnished parsonage or apartment in your church community, works 4 1/2 days a week and fulfills the normal function of a pastor, giving specific attention to interim issues your will face.  Ministers-at-Large are experienced retired pastors. 

Read more about the work your church can accomplish between pastors in:

The Tasks of a Church During Interim Times.