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This past year has been one of both recovery and enduring struggles for our American Baptist Churches community—a year that reminds us of all that pastors do for our churches, congregations, and the communities they serve.

The theme for RMMO 2022 is: For all they’ve done

As illustrated in this year’s campaign materials, our pastors are active. They pray, listen, baptize, marry, mourn, counsel, celebrate, and so much more. It takes great energy to sustain our congregations through the ups and downs of life.

This year’s highlight: Video and online tools

Below are the print materials you need to conduct RMMO2022 successfully. Please refer to the promotional guide and calendar to prepare in November for RMMO Sunday on December 4.

Why should congregations give?

We give to remember and thank those who have dedicated their lives in service to Christ, the church, and us. With gift revenue from the RMMO 2021 offering, we distributed 3,395 thank you checks averaging $134, a modest amount in which the gesture says far more than the dollars. For all they’ve done, let’s do this for them again this year.


Now Online in English and Spanish

The RMMO guide and promotional materials are available in English and Spanish. Hard copies of the offering envelopes, newsletter and instructional promo guide will arrive in November.  If you have any questions, or need additional materials, email

In English:

Promotional Guide

RMMO Bulletin Insert

RMMO Poster

RMMO Video:

To download the video, visit, click the arrow at the bottom right corner of the video, and select a file size. (Please note that smaller file sizes work for social media, but larger file sizes should be used when playing in a worship service.)


In Spanish: 

Guía Promocional

Inserción de Anuncios

RMMO Poster (Spanish)