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The nomination process is now open for the positions of ABC Officers for 2022-2023 – President, Vice President, and Budget Review Officer.  The NOMINATION/RECOMMENDATION and the CANDIDATE PROFILE forms for submission of names to be considered by the ABCUSA Nominating Committee can be found below.

Thank you for your participation in this important part of the representative process.

ABC Officers Qualifications and Commitments

Nomination/Recommendation Form

Candidate Profile Form


Notes about the 2022-2023 nomination process:

The ABCUSA Nominating Committee has selected the category for ABC President to be Clergyman and the category for ABC Vice President to be Clergywoman.

The ABCUSA Nominating Committee is endeavoring to prepare a slate sensitive to the diversity in our denomination.

The NOMINATION/RECOMMENDATION form (Form #1) is used both for nominating a candidate and for providing a recommendation for someone who has been nominated.  The form is to be completed and returned by the individual making the nomination/recommendation. Please secure agreement of the candidate before proposing their name for this process.

The CANDIDATE PROFILE form (Form #2), and the QUALIFICATIONS AND COMMITMENTS document, should be shared with the Candidate. CANDIDATE PROFILE forms received after October 15, 2020 cannot be considered