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ABCUSA Offices

As the chief executive officer of American Baptist Churches USA, the General Secretary exercises executive and prophetic initiative required to achieve an effective mission outreach for the denomination.

The General Secretary and the ABCUSA staff are charged with a number of specific responsibilities which articulate the vision of the denomination as it seeks to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

These responsibilities include: implementing policy decisions of the Board of General Ministries; relating to and coordinating the work of the national and regional boards; fostering ecumenical relations; helping raise the mission budget through the office of Mission Resource Development, and supervising the receipt and disbursement of contributions to American Baptist Mission Support through the Office of the Treasurer; operating the American Baptist Churches Information Systems; overseeing the Mission Resource Development’s communication duties and such denomination-wide media as the American Baptist News Service and the American Baptist homepage on the World Wide Web; providing travel and conference planning and scheduling services through the Office of Travel and Conference Planning; providing staff services for the Board of General Ministries; arranging for the Biennial Meetings of the denomination; operating a human resource development program; and maintaining denominational records.

ABCUSA provides servant leadership through vision, resources, training, administration and counsel for the whole denomination, so that American Baptists can effectively “carry out the common task of mission and ministry in our time” in fulfillment of the Great Commission.


  • A thriving center of vital vision for American Baptists which unites, encourages, resources and empowers the people of God
  • A user-friendly organization, which is the first point of contact for innovative, clear, accessible, and responsive information, counsel and services
  • Encourager of diversity, reflecting our multi-faceted denominational membership

Core Values

  • God has given American Baptists a mission that is needed and necessary in today’s world.
  • Christ and Christ’s church deserve our commitment to excellence.
  • Integrity matters.
  • People and relationships matter.
  • We exist to serve.
  • We must be effective listeners.
  • We must be willing and able to learn from others.
  • We celebrate our denomination’s diversity.

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