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District of Columbia Baptist Convention

139 churches/55,853 resident members – related to ABC
151 churches/59,229 resident members – total DCBC

Executive Director/Minister: Rev. Trisha Miller Manarin: trisha.manarin@dcbaptist.org, Phone: (202) 265-1526

Chief Operations Officer/Treasurer: Mrs. Lashanor Doolittle: lashanor.doolittle@dcbaptist.org

Minister of Public Relations and Outreach:  Rev. Kimberly Palmore-Ferguson: kimberly.palmore-ferguson@dcbaptist.org

Executive Director/Minister Assistant: Mrs. Loretta Polite Shipman: loretta.polite-shipman@dcbaptist.org

Ministry Assistant: Rev. Wilbur Willis: wilbur.willis@dcbaptist.org

Accounting and Administrative Specialist: Mrs. Fam SaeChao Chock: fam.chock@dcbaptist.org

Emergency Response Team Coordinator: Mr. James Barbour: info@dcbaptist.org

Building Engineer: Rev. Saul Garcia: saul.garcia@dcbaptist.org

Advisory Committee on Ordination Staff Liaison: Rev. Trisha Miller Manarin: trisha.manarin@dcbaptist.org



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District of Columbia Baptist Convention
1628 16th St NW
Washington DC 20009
United States
Phone: (202) 265-1526
Fax: (202) 667-8258
Email: info@dcbaptist.org
Url: http://www.dcbaptist.org/