What was your favorite part of the 2023 Biennial Mission Summit?

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What was your favorite part of the 2023 Biennial Mission Summit?

“What a wonderful time we have had together with our American Baptist Churches family!

For us it was a beautiful blessing to be your host. Seeing the smiles and hearing expressions of gratitude from the attendees is our best reward. It was a time of hard work but we did it with joy to honor the Lord and make you feel at home.

Thank you for trusting IBPR to be the host for the 2023 ABC Mission Summit. I reaffirm the commitment of our region with our denomination and with God’s mission.”

Rev. Edgardo M. Caraballo
Ministro Ejecutivo
Iglesias Bautistas de Puerto Rico

We asked: “What did you like most about the 2023 Biennial Mission Summit Event?”

– Being able to connect with my fellow Christians in a more personal way…especially the long season we are coming out of.

– It was a great event because of the great organization and spirit of the people who participated.

– The plenary messages were riveting and inspiring. I was most moved by the serendipitous reconnections with folks in the family met again with joy!

– The music was outstanding and the fraternal welcome from brothers and sisters of Puerto Rico churches was also very inspirational.

– The worship services! The worship team was phenomenal!

– The exhibition center provided a variety of information about ABC related activities, programs & Mission Work.

– The workshops, the worship experience and the break time to reconnect with old and new friends.

– Breakout sessions were a good way to connect with others on an individual level.

– We had a terrific convention in Puerto Rico. The Burma Advocacy Group was well received by so many leaders and delegates. We are so thankful to all the Burma Advocacy Group members that were able to be there, to spread our work to all the ABCUSA family.

– Conversations, relationship building, connection

– The band was amazing and the blend of Spanish and English, and traditional and modern was really moving. And again, the quality was top notch which made it easier to engage.


Thank you for sharing your feedback about the 2023 Biennial Mission Summit!