New Word@Hand App Delivers Engaging Journeys Through Faith

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New Word@Hand App Delivers Engaging Journeys Through Faith

VALLEY FORGE, PA (9/4/20)—
The launch of the Word@Hand mobile app was recently announced by Friendship Press. Word@Hand is an innovative Bible engagement app, built for both the novice and scholar, that presents 42-step Word@Hand Journeys of a Bible book, theme, or season of the Christian calendar.

Friendship Press, supported by the National Council of Churches of Christ, is an organization bringing books and digital resources to focus on the pursuit of peace, advocacy of justice, care for the earth, and the empowerment of communities of hope.

Word@Hand offers Bible translations and video presentations that are accurate, reliable, and easy to
understand. The app is designed to be equally engaging for children, teens, and adults who are interested in strengthening their faith. Available for iOS and Android devices, each path offers a video, seven daily steps and more:

  • Watch to learn and grow
  • Read the Bible for wisdom and insight
  • Think about the words, ideas and themes
  • Pray and deepen your relationship with God
  • Act to express your faith in everyday situations

“The way people engage the Bible has an important effect on their spiritual experience,” said Joseph
Crockett, EdD., CEO of Friendship Press. “Word@Hand is an interactive and engaging tool for personal and small group journeys in faith. We encourage churches and content creators to share the app with
congregations and ministry groups.”

“I believe that this new Bible resource, the Word@Hand Journeys app, offers churches and members a refreshing devotional/curriculum resource which employs an engaging Whiteboard methodology in a four-step process: read, think, pray, act.  I have already ordered it for use this fall with my youth class,” said Dr. A. Roy Medley, president of Friendship Press and General Secretary Emeritus of American Baptist Churches USA

Friendship Press’s Word@Hand Journeys are created to strengthen members’ relationships with God and others. Through paths of reading, thinking, praying, and acting together, Friendship Press’s Word@Hand Journeys enhance faith practices, and help foster common understandings.

Individual and group purchases are available – learn more here.

Friendship Press began its publishing efforts in 1935. In January of 2018, the Friendship Press Board of Directors, supported by the National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., committed resources to bring forward its publishing heritage. The Press is resolute to honor its legacy today and, in the future—concern for justice, peace, and the well-being of all peoples. Learn more at

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