American Baptist Women’s Ministries Hosts Virtual Camp for Girls

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American Baptist Women’s Ministries Hosts Virtual Camp for Girls

VALLEY FORGE, PA (8/11/20)—American Baptist Women’s Ministries (ABWM) hosted a three day Christian Education and STEAM virtual camp for girls. Participants, ABWM staff, and leaders engaged in Christian Education curriculum that covered healthy friendships, beloved community, and discovering God’s unique purpose for their lives. With the guidance of teachers from Montclair Learning Center (Montclair, NJ), girls learned to code, engaged in complicated algorithms, and created spa products along with company taglines and logos. ABWM’s Hi-eSTEAM camp evidenced that girls from elementary to high school are biblical scholars, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

During this time of social isolation and uncertainty, ABWM’s virtual Hi-eSTEAM camp provides girls with opportunities for connection, support, and fun. ABWM is grateful for AB GIRLS Coordinator (Dr. Berquis Torres), board member (Joanne Strauss), and the National Leadership Team of AB GIRLS (NLT), (Mahsha, Dana, Hlawn, and Marta) who joined the ABWM staff in leading interactive Bible studies using AB GIRLS Curriculum. ABWM would also like to thank Montclair Learning Center staff and the founder Christiane Agkpo for providing the STEAM activities. “It was a blessing to watch girls from New Jersey to Ohio to Washington to Puerto Rico create community and make plans for their next gathering. This event enables ABWM to stay connected to girls, the NLT to lead, and for intergenerational ministry to flourish. It shows the strength of our sisterhood and the best of the collaborative efforts of the board, youth leaders, and staff.” noted Rev. Dr. Gina Jacobs-Strain, Executive Director, ABWM.

Hi-eSTEAM is one feature of ABWM’s Building Bridges and Gateways to Girls Future initiative (BBGGF). BBGGF was birthed out of Rev. Dr. Jacobs- Strain’s vision and ABWM’s commitment to equipping girls to live their faith. BBBGF seeks to help eradicate poverty and educational inequality. Through BBGGF programming such as Hi-eSTEAM, girls discover the connections between their Christian beliefs and scientific interests (and those of other STEAM areas). The spiritual formation experiences equip girls with the knowledge that they are made in God’s image and the tools to successfully overcome negative messages they receive daily through advertising and other media, peer groups, and social networking. Girls and their parents develop a more comprehensive understanding of educational opportunities in STEAM and future career possibilities. ABWM is grateful for our generous donors and grantors who help make BBGGF programming possible. Please consider joining our efforts to ensure that every girl is given the opportunity to flourish by making a gift to ABWM. Give at

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