ABWM Seeks to Reset and Reimagine Programs in Response to COVID-19

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ABWM Seeks to Reset and Reimagine Programs in Response to COVID-19

VALLEY FORGE, PA (4/20/20)—COVID-19 has forever changed the world, and to continue to support communities, organizations must change with it. As the number of those impacted by COVID-19 grows, goods become scarce, and unemployment rises, the need for spiritual support and guidance has become more pressing than ever. Today, American Baptist Women’s Ministries (ABWM) seeks your help to serve its communities and constituents better. Amid COVID-19, many support services and programs are no longer available. Food pantries, afterschool programs, and daycare are not open. Supporting programs and systems for women and children have been altered or halted due to COVID-19. American Baptist Women’s Ministries’ Reset and Reimagine campaign will raise money to support new and existing programs and services that build community and support women and children in our churches and communities across the nation as they Reset and Reimagine their future.

For over 65 years, American Baptist Women’s Ministries has responded and anticipated the needs of the American Baptist family. Yet our distinct mission is to journey with women, young adult women, and girls as they lead Christ-centered lives, follow their passions, and share their gifts in our churches and communities throughout the US and beyond. Reset and Reimagine will meet the needs of women and children by supporting new and existing programs that empower women and children. For example, ABWM has funded housing subsidies for women seeking sober living with limited funds and Hi-eSTEAM programs sharing Christian Education and STEAM exposure for AB GIRLS. Also, ABWM has used its resources to provide leadership development and mentorship opportunities for young adult women. Our reach is a close as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and as far as Chennai, India. Reset and Reimagine will allow ABWM to shine the light of Christ more brightly in our communities and world.

Executive Director Rev. Gina C. Jacobs-Strain had this to say about facing the challenges COVID-19 has presented for the organization, “We are stronger together even while we are apart. ABWM is sowing seeds and preparing for a new season, and we cannot wait. We have never faced a pandemic. We don’t know what to expect post-COVID-19, but we do know that women and children will need a lifeline and opportunities to begin again. We deeply desire to be part of rebuilding our communities. Reset and Reimagine is part of the solution.”

As ABWM seeks to be present with women today and tomorrow as we shape our future, gifts can be made to Reset and Reimagine by visiting: www.abwomensministries.org/ResetandReimagine

For additional information and other ways that you can make a difference please contact Rev. Gina C. Jacobs-Strain at (610) 768-2288.

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