American Baptist Churches Welcomes the Alliance of Asian American Baptist Churches

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American Baptist Churches Welcomes the Alliance of Asian American Baptist Churches

In 2011, it was announced to the denomination at large that the Asian American Baptist Caucus would be making official steps into what would later become the Alliance of Asian American Baptist Churches. Per the vote of the Asian Caucus Constituency and following the hard work of many dedicated leaders, the new bylaws were adopted in July 2018 and the Caucus officially became the Alliance of Asian American Baptists. It was a dream long in the works by the Asian Caucus leaders that the organization would evolve into something more and, working step by step in deep prayer and discernment by the Holy Spirit, the group is proud to announce the official transition from Caucus to Alliance.

Since its inception in the 1970s, the Asian Caucus served, striving to bring voice and representation to Asian and Asian American churches and individuals. It joined alongside other caucuses to bring the voice of this community to the ABCUSA table. As former ABCUSA president Rev. Don Ng reflects, “While the role of a caucus is still as relevant today as it was 50 years ago, Asian American Baptist churches numbering over 150 churches across the US, now operating as the Alliance, are prepared to serve as a partner in common mission. In the past, the Caucus offered scholarships to seminary students, sponsored retreats and conferences, and published newsletters to disseminate information. As the Alliance, Asian American Baptist leaders are planning to meet with staff leaders of various ABC mission organizations to explore, envision, and plan programs and ministries beneficial to all partnering mission organizations. We believe that mutual collaboration from all participants will lead to more effective ministries, better stewardship of our resources and serve to advance the realm of God in the world.”

The Asian Alliance now embarks into this new identity, seeking to live into its new vision statement: Empower Leaders, Serving Together, Making Disciples. Joining hands from servant to servant, church to church, across languages, across cultures—the Alliance asks for your prayers and support as they traverse new territory as an equal ministry partner. To quote former Caucus president Rev. Dr. Marie Onwubuariri from the original transition announcement in 2011, “It is an opportune time to recommit and reimagine partnership with ABCUSA regions, American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS), International Ministries (IM), and other American Baptist agencies as we all seek and hope for renewal and transformation. May we all be prayerful and faithful in such an exciting time as this.”

Looking forward to such partnerships, ABHMS Board Member Rev. Karen Yee states, “The Asian Caucus historically has been a powerful voice for advocacy for Asian American leaders and churches within our denomination.  As it continues to grow into its new role as the Alliance of Asian American Baptist Churches, I am excited to see how the Alliance will continue its advocacy role and expand its influence and work through partnering with ABHMS through the Aligned Action Networks, Asian Ministries, Intercultural Ministries, and other opportunities.”

“I welcome the transition of the Asian Caucus to the Asian Alliance. As someone who has partnered with the Caucus during this time of transition, i.e. through the Asian Women in Ministry conference, I have found the partnership to be one that allows us to share resources in a way which benefits all, more than if either one of us worked alone or at odds,” said Alliance partner Rev. Dr. Patricia Hernandez, associate general secretary for Women in Ministry and Transition Ministries. “A ‘caucus’ can signify a group that seeks its own interests.  But an “alliance” more effectively communicates the transformational work of partnering, collaborating and aligning with each other and our mutual interests to advance the work of the Gospel and benefit everyone. So, I fully support the transition from Asian Caucus to Asian Alliance, and I look forward to working together in the future that we may further the cause and mission that Christ has given us as passionate partners for the Gospel!”

The current Leadership Council of the Asian Alliance of American Baptist Churches looks forward to meeting with several leaders of American Baptist Churches USA in the near future.

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