Judson Press Title Helps Christians Relate to a Religiously Diverse World

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Judson Press Title Helps Christians Relate to a Religiously Diverse World

VALLEY FORGE, PA (ABNS 2/15/18)—In just a few decades, the United States has changed from a largely Christian nation to the most religiously diverse country in the world. How can Christians broaden their knowledge of other faiths and build bridges of understanding? In Side by Side: Being Christian in a Multifaith World, retired professor and pastor Dick Olson reflects on living faithfully as a Christian in our religiously plural society—focusing on relations with Jews and Muslims, where the greatest tensions exist today.

In a conversational style, Olson invites the reader to join him in a venture of discovery reflection, exploration, and meditation as he shares his personal journey of interfaith encounters and experiences.

Rev. Dr. Molly Marshall, President of Central Baptist Theological Seminary states, “Olson’s journey of transformation as he relates to Muslims and Jews is a compelling witness for this essential practice of faith.” She continues, “Side by Side moves beyond theory about dialogue, providing practical guidance for learning the ways God is at work in the religious pursuits of the great Abrahamic traditions.”

Journalist and author Bill Tammeus notes, “Rooted in experience, grounded in Christian generosity, reflective of necessary wisdom, and accessible to a wide audience, Side by Side is the book to keep by your side as you engage in interfaith explorations.”

Side by Side offers readers fresh insight and guidance to live out their faith with respect, love, and regard for those who follow a different religious path.

RICHARD P. OLSON, MDiv, STM, PhD, is retired from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas, where he was Distinguished Professor of Pastoral Theology. He has extensive ministry experience as a pastor in a variety of congregational settings and career-long participation in ecumenical organizations. Olson chaired the planning committee for the ABCUSA-sponsored Midwest Baptist-Muslim Dialogue event, and he continues in extensive interfaith activity, study, and speaking on these matters. He has authored seventeen books with various publishers.

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