Third National Baptist-Muslim Dialogue to Meet in April 2018

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Third National Baptist-Muslim Dialogue to Meet in April 2018

The third national dialogue between Baptists and Muslims will be held April 16-19, 2018, at the Green Lake Conference Center/American Baptist Assembly in Green Lake, Wis.

The target group for the third dialogue is Baptist and Muslim religious leaders fifty years of age and younger who, together with their congregations*, are willing to pair with others to build long-term relationships, foster mutual understanding and participate in a joint project to enhance the welfare of their community.

The dialogue is not between individual religious leaders alone. The goal of the dialogue is to partner a Baptist congregational* leader and a Muslim congregational* leader in a community, and their two congregations*, for an ongoing relationship.

At the conference participants will:

• build relationships with one another;
• learn about best practices in the twinning of congregations and mosques;
• explore the underpinnings of religious liberty in each tradition; and
• create a provisional plan for their congregations for when they return.

In addition to American Baptist Churches USA, sponsoring bodies include:

• Alliance of Baptists
• Canadian Baptist Ministries
• Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
• Islamic Society of North America
• Lott Carey
• National Baptist Convention of America
• Progressive National Baptist Convention

More Information:
The Green Lake Conference Center/American Baptist Assembly (GLCC/ABA) is outside Green Lake, Wis., north of Milwaukee, west of Appleton/Oshkosh, and east of Madison.  Participants who choose to travel by air can utilize any of these three airports: Milwaukee, Appleton and Madison.  (GLCC/ABA) only provides shuttle service between the center and the Appleton Airport.  GoRiteWay ( provides a shuttle to Green Lake, or a rental car will be required if one flies into either Milwaukee or Madison.  There is no regularly scheduled public transportation to the conference center itself.

The conference begins with dinner on Monday night and ends with breakfast on Thursday morning.  Participants are required to be present through the whole event.  Costs for the conference itself, inclusive of meals and room, are $234 double occupancy or $372 single occupancy (plus 5.5% tax).   This includes 8 meals, morning and afternoon snacks, as well as a room for Monday-Wednesday evenings.  Use of (GLCC/ABA) shuttle service to Appleton Airport is $60 roundtrip.

Participation in this conference is by invitation only. If you are interested in being considered for participation, please contact Chair, Roy Medley ( General Secretary Emeritus or Jeff Woods ( Associate General Secretary for Regional Ministries and Denominational Life.

*In addition to leaders of local congregations, participants may also be chaplains at colleges, universities, seminaries or prisons where they lead groups which would sustain ongoing dialogue with one another.

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