Up to Camp: A Summer Reading Series (Part 4)

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Up to Camp: A Summer Reading Series (Part 4)

Over the summer months, Acting Associate General Secretary for Mission Resource Development Dr. Al Fletcher invited leaders to share their recommended “Summer Reading Material” for an Up to Camp series. As you pack for camp this summer, grab one of these books to take along! Read Part 1 of the series, here. Read Part 2 of the series, here. Read Part 3 of the series, here. Rev. Sandra Wimpelberg, Vice President of Development for the Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, WI, shares a recommendation below.

This summer, once again, I am watching the weekly caravan of hundreds of youth coming up to camp at Green Lake Conference Center.  The Quest youth program continues to grow and the excitement is palpable.  Some of the delight quickly fades however when new campers discover that there is NO cell service or Wi-Fi when you are surrounded by hundreds of large trees!! And the adjustment begins!!  Then we see engagement take over as they discover new friends, spectacular worship experiences, interesting programs, challenging games, loving leaders and an amazing space in which God invites them to be RE-Created.  It never fails!

As you go up to camp- whatever that experience means to you- I invite you to take along a copy of “The Road Back to You” by Morgan and Stabile. Put away the ‘I’s (pad, phone or pod) and take the time to get to know YOU; and let the adjustment begin!

In this book you will find a genuine, user-friendly way to engage the ancient personality-type system called the Enneagram (sounds like ‘any a gram’). Be ready though, this unique narrative-based approach brings you in with a quick look at the weaknesses we often want to ignore.  No mushy “you are bright and everyone loves you!” kind of entrance, but instead it extends an invitation into a deeper walk of self-awareness.  It links into three triads, Head, Heart and Gut, through which we experience and process life, giving insight into why we do the things we do, and the way in which we do them. Looking not only at our behaviors but also our motivations. This book gifts the reader with clarity and invites curiosity, especially in revealing select circumstances and chosen beliefs from the past which are keeping us ‘ stuck’ and unhealthy.  Written with compassion and humor, the authors share with transparency and authenticity.

It is not a mystery, but expect startling revelations! It is not the latest ‘self-help’ thesis, but it will be a new kind of ‘page turner’ for your life and health. It is not “121/2 Steps to becoming popular!”, but it is a genuine opportunity to connect with the real person that God created you to be. There is a companion study guide which may be used individually or in a small group. An amazing bonus in the guide is the introduction to a four-movement contemplative prayer practice based on the acronym “SNAP”.  You will have to buy or borrow the book to read this golden nugget!!

Quoting from the book, “We don’t know ourselves by what we get right; we know ourselves by what we get wrong. Try not to get all pouty.”

Enjoy the road back!!

Rev. Sandra Wimpelberg
VP of Development
Green Lake Conference Center, Green Lake, WI