Transformation Stories Invited from Local American Baptist Churches

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Transformation Stories Invited from Local American Baptist Churches

Leading up to the 2017 Biennial Mission Summit, we want to hear from YOU! Do you have a story of transformation in your local church or community? Tell us about it!

Transformation Stories are invited for submission beginning now through June 1, 2017. By sharing Transformation Stories, local churches can learn from one another as they watch/read about stories that may generate ministry ideas for outreach in their local church communities!

The goal of the Transformation Stories coming out of the Transformed by the Spirit initiative is to create a sharing community to support the work of the local church as it Joins God in the Neighborhood and grows through partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By sharing your Transformation Story, you may encourage other local churches to: experiment in transformative ministry; share their own ministry stories; and build interest by using social networking and interaction. We hope that you will share your story with us and also on social media, and join us as we celebrate “Transformation Stories” at the 2017 Biennial Mission Summit in Portland, Oregon.

Stories will be accepted in two formats:

  1. Submit a video between 2-3 minutes in length, also including a one paragraph description of the “Transformation Story.” Stories told through PowerPoint presentation may be converted to become video stories.
  2. Submit a written “Transformation Story” of no more than two pages in length, also including one to three picture attachments in .jpg format.

Stories in either format should be sent to: by June 1, 2017.

Your video or written story should touch on one of the following themes in some way (Only one of the below 11 ideas must be included, but intersecting themes are also encouraged):

1. Highlight one of the four dimensions of Transformed by the Spirit:

  • Congregational Transformation (Joining God in the Neighborhood)
  • Cross-Organizational Transformation (Adaptive Challenge Teams
  • Personal Transformation (Rhythms of the Spirit)
  • Relational Transformation (Experiments in Difference)

2. Highlight a ministry related to one of the seven denominational priorities identified at the 2015 Mission Table (a gathering of ABC leaders and representatives):

  • Next Generation of Leaders
  • Violence
  • Discipleship
  • Poverty
  • Gospel in a Rapidly Changing Society
  • Women in Ministry
  • Innovative Models for Pastoral Ministry

In addition to inspiring other local churches to experiment in transformation in their own local church communities, submissions of Transformation Stories will be eligible to receive Awards in each of the two submission categories. The top voted “Transformation Story” video will receive a $1000 award and the next four top voted ministry stories will each receive a $500 award.  The top voted “Written with pictures” Transformation Story will receive a $1000 award and the second and third top voted in this format will receive $500 each in awards.   Determination of awards will come through a process that includes Social Media (“Transformation Stories” YouTube Channel and response collected through the ABCUSA Facebook page) (50%) and a panel of judges (50%).

JOIN US as we build and develop a network of storytelling and support between local American Baptist churches.