‘Discernment’ is Focus as ABHMS Urges Continued ‘Tuesdays’ Prayers for Peace’

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‘Discernment’ is Focus as ABHMS Urges Continued ‘Tuesdays’ Prayers for Peace’

VALLEY FORGE, PA (ABNS 10/31/16)—American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) continues to invite American Baptists to pray for this contentious U.S. presidential election each Tuesday through Election Day on Nov. 8. Each week features a suggested focus on which to pray, as Americans contemplate casting a ballot in the race that selects the most powerful official in the nation—if not the world.

The focus for tomorrow—Tuesday, Nov. 1—is “discernment,” or the ability to look at different perspectives with clear-minded objectivity to determine solutions focused on fairness and justice.

Recent political rhetoric has been angry, accusatory, caustic, bombastic and, occasionally, R-rated. It has caused division and discord, fragmenting Americans into polarized camps of “us” versus “them.” The very fabric of our lives as Americans is at stake.

Pray with ABHMS to discern God’s will for our land and the decision to be made in the voting booth. As Christians, we know that prayer is not passive. Prayer has the power to move the mighty hand of the Lord and to change hearts.

For more information, visit ABHMS’ website, at http://www.abhms.org/.

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