Introducing a New Feature: My Baptist Life

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Introducing a New Feature: My Baptist Life

American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA) is introducing a new profile-style feature entitled “My Baptist Life.” Watch for the first stories to appear soon in our Enewsletter!

In presenting “My Baptist Life” ABCUSA recognizes the important place story-telling has in a tradition that values the contributions American Baptists in various walks of life have made both within our denomination and also to so many other people and causes around the world. We see this new feature as a significant way for disciples to share their backgrounds and hopefully inspire others. Over time we envision that our readers will have the opportunity through this feature’s diverse chapters to see and value the many ways our believers serve God and make a difference. Through such story-telling we pray new chapters will be grown!

Would you like to nominate someone to be featured in “My Baptist Life”? Simply send a name, the reasons behind your nomination, and contact information to Mark Staples, ABCUSA communications consultant, at Please do not restrict your ideas for nominees only to “high-profile” leaders. We want to include stories about people from all walks of life including those who diligently serve in low-profile ways to make a difference.

We promise to consider each person nominated carefully, but we can’t promise to highlight every submission. Thank you!