Introducing: United Mission is the Vehicle

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Introducing: United Mission is the Vehicle

As American Baptists, we serve as the hands and feet of Christ. We’re doing what we can to heal a hurting world. This means feeding the hungry; empowering pastors, lay leaders & youth to spread Christ’s love; protecting the environment; promoting Christian unity and more.

United Mission is the vehicle that makes this happen. United Mission is the simple, efficient way American Baptists pool financial resources to maximize the amount of good we can do. These funds are used to connect resources with needs, resulting in meaningful change – and it’s all for God’s greater glory!

United Mission is the Vehicle materials have been sent to churches across the United States and Puerto Rico, and your church should be receiving them in the next few weeks. Please visit the website,, to learn more and to access downloadable resources for use in YOUR church!

United Mission is the Vehicle was presented April 4-7, 2016, at the Regional Executive Ministers Council meeting and National Leadership Council meeting in Green Lake, Wisconsin. Some regions also learned about United Mission is the Vehicle in Fall 2015. It was well-received, and a number of regional executives made requests for additional materials about United Mission following the presentations. Expect to see more in your church soon! Visit the website to learn more today.