Now Online: 2015 RMMO Materials (English and Spanish)

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Now Online: 2015 RMMO Materials (English and Spanish)

RMMO_2015Lock_Up_OutlineThe roots of RMMO go back to the mid-1930s, when American Baptist congregations received a Communion Fellowship Offering on the first Sunday of each month to support retired ministers, missionaries, their widowed spouses and elderly clergy within their churches. In 1977 American Baptist Churches USA launched the Retired Ministers and Missionaries Offering (RMMO) to continue this time-honored tradition of expressing thankfulness.

This year our theme is The Grace of Giving.  Through the simple yet profound act of giving, American Baptist churches can share in an act of Grace that reminds the ministers, missionaries and widowed spouses who served so faithfully that they are remembered with love and gratitude.

The offering supports those who have dedicated their lives to God’s service by providing emergency assistance in times of need and a thank you check at the end of each year. We hope that RMMO will continue to serve as a joyous tradition for ABC congregations and that you will be greatly enriched this season by The Grace of Giving.

Please feel free to download or print from the PDF’s provided or contact Judson Press at (800)458-3766 for hard copies of the materials.

Thank you for your support.

English Resources

Promotional Guide
Bulletin Inserts
RMMO Posters

Spanish Resources
Guía Promocional
Inserción de Anuncios


RMMO 2015 Video

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RMMO 2015 Video – Español

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