September 27 is Christian Education Sunday

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September 27 is Christian Education Sunday

How Would They Know?

People don’t become Christians suddenly. They hear the Good News and realized that God loves them so much that God gave his only Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross to save them. At the most basic level, someone shares the love of Christ with them.

This is Christian education or in some places, we say, “Christian formation.” The church assumes the role of educating or forming the next generation of believers. Utilizing effective teaching and learning methods, the teacher provides lessons based on Scriptures and Christian beliefs that over the course of many years, students would accumulate Christian understanding to become believers. The prayerful outcome is people to profess a mature faith in Christ as Lord and Savior in Believers Baptism.

When I was growing up at First Baptist Church of Boston, my third-grade Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Beatrice Wyatt had us memorize 1 Corinthians 13. We would not be receiving our own Bibles if we didn’t. While I was petrified in doing this, I can say without any reservations that the “Love Chapter” serves as one of the building blocks of my faith today. How would I have known the beauty of this chapter or that love is never failing if it weren’t for my Sunday school teacher!

In Deuteronomy 6:4-9, the teachers of the faith told the people to continue teaching the commandments to love God and love one another so that there would be future generations who would know the faith. They made it a visible and active part of their daily living. Today, we must continue to take time to teach children, youth and adults the Good News so that they would also know Jesus.

Let us make a renewed commitment to teach the Good News when the world is eager to hear it! How would they know Jesus unless you teach them!

Don NgDon Ng
ABCUSA President 2014-2015