Medley Receives ISNA Interfaith Leadership Award

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Medley Receives ISNA Interfaith Leadership Award

American Baptist Churches General Secretary Roy Medley received the Interfaith Leadership Award from the Islamic Society of North America at 52nd ISNA Annual Convention, September 4-7, 2015.

The award was presented to “Dr. A Roy Medley, whose passion for building bridges of understanding in the US and abroad identify him as a leader we are proud to recognize.”

Note: The documentary “Different Books, Common Word” referenced in the above video was produced by Ethics Daily. Click here to learn more about this documentary, or to order a copy.

The recognition video from ISNA notes:

American Baptists history of peacemaking has led him to be in the forefront of building relationships of mutual respect and understanding between Baptists and Muslims. In 2007, Dr. Medley responded to the invitation from ISNA to visit their office in Washington D.C. to forge a positive relationship between his organization and ISNA. Dr. Medley and Dr. Sayyid Syeed met and created a productive partnership that opened up the two communities for cooperation at every level. since then, they have had two major joint conferences of the national level, and several at the regional level that have brought peace and confidence to both communities.