New Forum Invites Virtual Conversations

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New Forum Invites Virtual Conversations

Even if you are unable to attend the Mission Summit in Overland Park, Kansas, June 26-28, 2015, you can still be a part of the conversations! The American Baptist Computer Center has developed an online bulletin board for posting learnings and insights from conversation groups, as well as other learnings from similar regional and national conversational teams.

All American Baptists are welcomed and encouraged to create an account and join in current discussions! The goal is to share the learnings from existing groups and new groups with others who may be struggling with or perhaps making progress with the same issues that others are dealing with.

This site is being used to encourage conversation before and after the Mission Summit on the topics that will be dealt with at that event, and this Quick Start Guide will help you get started. If you are tech savvy, you probably do not need any instructions!

Visit the bulletin board forum today, here:

Questions? Please visit, and enter them in the “Contact Us” form, and you will receive a response shortly.