Mission Summit 2015: Register Today as a Sponsoring Church

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Mission Summit 2015: Register Today as a Sponsoring Church

For 2015, churches are invited to become sponsoring churches of the Biennial Mission Summit!  For Mission Summit 2015, churches are invited to register as Sponsors, which will allow for a discounted registration fee for individuals registering from these sponsoring churches. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with American Baptists from across the world!

Sponsoring churches will help to support the Mission Summit and make it a success! Make your plans now to attend Mission Summit 2015, June 26-28, 2015, in Overland Park, Kansas.

Want to know what to expect?  We recently announced Speakers for Mission Summit 2015, along with a Festival of Young Preachers that will take place June 26 and 28. Learn more at www.americanbaptists2015.com.

If your church registers as a sponsoring church of the Biennial Mission Summit, members of the church can individually register at the discounted rate of $40 per person. Sponsoring churches will also be listed on the Mission Summit website and in the event Program Book. If your church is not a sponsor, church members will pay an individual registration fee of $165.

The deadline has been extended! Register your church as a sponsoring church before February 27, 2015.

Church Sponsorship for Mission Summit 2015 will be based on average worship attendance for each church, as follows:

1. Churches of fewer than 100 – $220
2. Churches of 101-200 – $385
3. Churches of 201-500 – $550
4. Churches of more than 500 – $715
5. Church Booster – $1000

Visit www.americanbaptists2015.com to register your church as a sponsor today.

View our Mission Summit video, below: