What is a Journey Team?

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What is a Journey Team?

What is the Journey Team?

A “Journey Team” (consisting of seven national, regional, and congregational leaders) was appointed by the National Executive Council to guide us through the process at the early stages of the Transformed by the Spirit initiative.

What are the tasks of the Journey Team?

1.  Promote participation by inviting ABC congregations and partners to seriously engage challenges and to share what we are learning with one another.
2.  Disseminate resources that assist in these conversations.  In particular, the Journey Team will continue to “hold,” adapt, and distribute the field manuals and other resources that have been developed.
3.  Maintain communication by multiple means, continuing to build our nascent network of churches and partners engaged in serious transformation guided by the Holy Spirit.
4.  Provide encouragement for this very difficult work.
5.  Challenge churches and partners to consider unrecognized barriers to ministry.

More about Transformed by the Spirit:

Transformed by the Spirit is an initiative that engages local congregations across the denomination in a journey of identifying the significant challenges that face our churches, our regions, and our national bodies in today’s culture, and wrestling with the changes that will be required of all American Baptists if we are to seize opportunities to serve as the hands and feet of Christ. Transformed by the Spirit was originally launched to help us dream about how we could help congregations and pastors address some of the toughest challenges they face.