Asian Caucus Invites Applications for Alliance Intergenerational Project

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Asian Caucus Invites Applications for Alliance Intergenerational Project

VALLEY FORGE, PA (ABNS 5/16/13)—The Asian American Baptist Caucus has invited its members and friends to apply for leadership positions for the Asian American Intergenerational Covenant Circles Project, which has been funded by the Virginia and Gordon Palmer, Jr., Trust Grant Program. 

The project involves the formation of four groups in different parts of the country, each of which will be led by an elder (over 60) and a young adult (between 18 and 29).  Groups will meet between summer 2013 and summer 2014 for the purposes of discussing and reflecting upon intergenerational challenges in Asian American Baptist churches of their region, learning about intergenerational relationships through this experience, and then designing at least one ministry model together.  The models, which will seek to bridge generational gaps and foster young adult retention and leadership development in local churches, will be shared among the wider Asian American Baptist constituency at a national gathering. The hope is that such sharing will lead to experimental implementation and the birthing of more Covenant Circles.

Caucus President Rev. Marie Onwubuariri commented, “This year’s Palmer Grant theme on discipleship with young adults goes hand in hand with our recent discussions about bridging generational gaps and supporting young adult leadership. What I am most excited about is the project’s emphasis on the empowerment of local and regional young adults and elders to lead and direct the conversation. I am hopeful that key leaders will emerge in our application process, setting the stage for an exciting and fruitful project year ahead.”

The Intergenerational Covenant Circles Project is one of the first emphases to be put into practice as the Asian Caucus expands its function and makes the transition to becoming the Alliance of Asian American Baptist Churches.  In addition to continuing the advocacy and leadership development role of the Caucus as established by the General Board of the denomination decades ago, the Alliance will identify and implement ministries and missions to, with, and on behalf of its member churches and individuals.  After several years of discussing this concept, the delegates to the Asian Caucus Convocation held in Puerto Rico in 2011 voted to accept the Alliance concept in principle, with the understanding that the group would officially begin to function as the Alliance at the Convocation to be held in Overland Park, KS, in conjunction with Mission Summit 2013.

In addition to the Intergenerational Covenant Circles Project, the projects of the new Alliance include the development of a resource ministry manual for Asian churches and the endorsement of an initial group of American Baptist missionaries.  Together, these projects reflect the Alliance’s commitment to partnering with ABCUSA and its agencies, and also its desire to address specific concerns and interest of Asian American Baptist Churches.

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