Spring 2013 Transformed by the Spirit Update

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Spring 2013 Transformed by the Spirit Update

Originally introduced in June 2011 during the American Baptist Biennial in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Transformed by the Spirit invites American Baptists to name and address challenges they identify in their local congregational environments. Identification then leads to a process of “adaptive changes,” changes that are in response to the Spirit’s leading. These changes help to unleash our Baptist DNA for innovation and embrace the transformative work of the Spirit in the life of the church.

The question being asked in this initiative is: “What challenges are we facing, for which we do not presently have an answer, but which must be addressed if we are to live into the future God has for us?”

At the upcoming Mission Summit/Biennial, June 21-23, 2013, adaptive challenges originally singled out through the Transformed by the Spirit process will be considered as attendees examine the Spirit’s leadings in the form of “Mission Summit Conversations.” Learn more by reading the “Mission Summit Conversations FAQ” at www.americanbaptists2013.com.

We are human beings instead of human doings – Community Church at Barrington – Rev. Zina Jacque

How do I name or diagnose a challenge?
– Rev. Scott Arnold

Why do we work in small groups?
– Rev. Zina Jacque


Examples – Churches, Regions, and Learning Teams

Community Outreach – Rev. Dr. Marcia Patton


Building and Rebuilding – Portfield Baptist Church – Rev. Larry Swain


ABCUSA Identity Action Learning Team – Rev. Don Ng


ABC Ohio and TbyS – Rev. Larry Swain

TbyS church growth group in Evergreen Region – Rev. Dr. Marcia Patton


Supporting Transformed by the Spirit

Transformed by the Spirit support – Dee Dee Turlington


Relationship building through Transformed by the Spirit – Rev. Zina Jacque