2013 Virtual Mission Encounters Presented by ABWM

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2013 Virtual Mission Encounters Presented by ABWM

American Baptist Women’s Ministries has created a mission opportunity that brings the mission trip experience to women within the context of their daily lives: the Virtual Mission Encounter. In 2013, American Baptist Women’s Ministries is offering four virtual mission encounter that participants may join, from their own home!

The first such Mission Encounter is coming up from February 18-22, 2013, and the theme is “Let Your Voice Be Heard: Advocacy and Faith.”

Learn about what the Bible has to tell us about advocating for the “orphans and widows” in our midst. Find out about the powerful heritage of advocacy in American Baptist life. Hear from women who have heard the call to advocate on particular issues in their communities. Discover tools to help you do advocacy through your local newspaper, online, and visiting the halls of power. “Let Your Voice Be Heard” will inspire and equip you to use your voice on behalf of the voiceless. Interested persons must register by February 14, 2013.
Click here for more information on this virtual mission encounter.

Special Guests for February 18-22 Virtual Mission Encounter:
Monday: “A Biblical Basis” with Rev. Yana J. Pagan
Tuesday: “American Baptists Speak Out” with Rev. A. Roy Medley
Wednesday: “How to Raise Awareness,” with Margaret Rose
Thursday: “Knocking on the Doors of Power” with Curtis Ramsey-Lucas
All that is needed to participate is an Internet connection, email address, and telephone, and you’re ready to go! As a participant in any virtual mission encounter, here is what you can expect:
  • Fun, interesting, and thought-provoking activities that you can do within the normal schedule of your day (website scavenger hunts, prayer walks, questions for reflection, etc.). Every evening of the encounter you will receive an email outlining several options for activities for the next day. You may choose from the activities as your time and interest allows. Activities are generally planned to take about a half hour to complete.
  • The opportunity to meet others online who share your passion for mission—build connections, develop networks, and make friends. There will be an online discussion group where you may offer your reflections spurred by the activities and discuss your experiences with other encounter participants as your time and interest allows. This online group will only be accessible to registered virtual mission encounter participants.
  • Evening conference calls: Every evening of the virtual mission encounter includes the opportunity to speak with someone directly engaged in the area of ministry being studied that day, as well as your fellow encounter participants, through a conference call. As a paying registrant, you may participate in as many of the conference calls as you like during the virtual mission encounter for which you’ve registered.

Registration Cost
$30 per person, per virtual mission encounter. Register and pre-pay for all four virtual mission encounters at the same time and receive a discount: pay only $90. Click here for more information.
Future Mission Encounters

Second Virtual Mission Encounter: May 13-17, 2013
“For I Was a Stranger and You Welcomed Me: Immigrants and Refugees”
Register by May 9, 2013

Third Virtual Mission Encounter: September 23-27, 2013
“Garlands instead of Ashes: Domestic Violence”
Register by September 19, 2013

Fourth Virtual Mission Encounter: November 4-8, 2013
“For I Was in Prison and You Visited Me: Prison and Aftercare Ministries”

Register by October 31, 2013