Welcome to the new ABCUSA website!

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Welcome to the new ABCUSA website!

Take a few minutes to look around and explore our new, user-friendly website! The highlighted image comes from our region map section on the Regional Ministries page. Here you can find region contact information and learn about your region office and staff.

The new website is easy to navigate and there are less steps involved to access resources and other tools on the website. The resources list includes updated content. We continue to explore App creation for mobile devices. In the meantime, the new website is mobile device friendly, and will show up in a readable way on mobile devices in internet applications.

The main feature of the homepage is a standout image, which links to a story about this image. The stories change slowly, and you may click on other thumbnail images under the main image to view the different stories and switch between them.

Right at the top of each page is “Find a Church,” which is one of the most frequently visited pages of the website. Additionally, Give Online, Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed links are also at the top for better connectivity.

Under Ministries, we have added an “All ABC Ministries” page. This is a list of all Ministries, within our larger partner organizations as well as ABCUSA. This will make it easier for those not familiar with the make-up of ABC, or the different partner organizations, to find the correct department or contact that they are searching for.

The News dropdown menu features “Press Releases” and “In the Spotlight” sections, giving stories, press releases and highlights of what is going on in ABCUSA, on the website, around the denomination and with our partner organizations.  The press releases are the American Baptist News Service press releases that go out through regular emails to our news contacts, and others interested in receiving them. “In the Spotlight” stories are highlighted stories that can also be seen on the homepage, many times as the “featured” main story.

Finally, the bottom menu on the site appears on every page, allowing for easy website navigation and direction to some of our most important links.


If you have questions about the new website, please send an email to: webmaster@abc-usa.org.