Kodiak Baptist Mission Feeds Families in Alaska

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Kodiak Baptist Mission Feeds Families in Alaska

Kodiak Baptist Mission has been serving those in need in Alaska since its founding in 1893.  One of its many ministries today is the Kodiak Island Food Bank.  Alex von Tsurikov, director of the food bank, works hard to provide plenty of fresh produce for their clients, which is not an easy task in Kodiak.  He plants beautiful gardens, which provide not only fresh vegetables, but also a welcoming environment at the Mission.

In addition to the regular distribution points for the Food Bank, Alex makes personal deliveries of food on Saturdays to families which have a difficult time coming during distribution hours.  On one recent Saturday, in addition to the regular food boxes, somebody donated a cake to the Food Bank.  As he made his rounds, he came to one of the larger families and thought they might enjoy the cake.  A little girl opened the door and was stunned, not to see Alex, but to see the cake he held in his hands.  She asked, “How did you know?”  The little girl’s father came to the door behind her with the same shocked looked on his face.  He quickly informed Alex that it was his daughter’s birthday and they didn’t have a cake for their celebration.  Alex replied that he did not know, but that God surely did.

Kelli Foreman, one of the summer camp directors, says, “We are extremely blessed to have the opportunity to provide more than food to families.  We provide the hope of Jesus Christ and we marvel at the mystery of his sovereign knowledge as we continue to seek his guidance even when it comes to delivering unexpected cakes.”