ABCUSA to Continue Interim Ministry Placements

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ABCUSA to Continue Interim Ministry Placements

On August 1, 2012, the work of interim ministry placements previously arranged by Interim Ministries-ABC moved over to become a ministry of ABCUSA.  Under ABCUSA, the placement program will be known as Transition Ministries.  Rev. Patricia Hernandez will take on the director’s role, in addition to her continuing role as the director of Women in Ministry.  Joyce Lake will work as administrative assistant with Transition Ministries.

As we move to a new denominational website, the existing Interim Ministries-ABC website will remain active, but eventually this will be incorporated into the ABCUSA website under the heading, “Transition Ministries.” To view the Interim Ministries-ABC website, click here.

For 35 years, Interim Ministries-ABC has been providing experienced, focused, and loyal pastoral leaders to American Baptist churches in the critical time between installed pastors.  Some 1400 ABC churches have been stabilized, renewed, and sustained by Ministers-at-Large (MAL’s) or other interim ministers.  Today more than 400 ABC clergy are a part of this nation-wide ministry. Their vital assistance to our churches and ABC regions will continue under the auspices of the ABCUSA.

“I am grateful for the work that Rev. Roy Medley has done to see that the needs and the opportunities of interim ministry are met by qualified ABC clergy,” said Rev. Jamie Munro, former director of Interim Ministries-ABC. “I am confident that Rev. Pat Hernandez will give experienced and caring leadership to this ministry that will aid our churches and regions.”

“The mentoring and ministry support I have experienced throughout my years as a pastor in ABCNYS and ABCOPAD with Dr. Sumner Grant and Rev. Dr. Frank Frischkorn, as well as through my work as an Area Minister and Leadership Consultant in ABC-MI with Dr. Michael Williams, have prepared me well to take on this new challenge. Along with serving ABWIM, this feels like the culmination of my call and a synergistic partnership,” said Hernandez.