Free Webinars Tie In With Black Marriage Day

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Free Webinars Tie In With Black Marriage Day

VALLEY FORGE, PA (ABNS 3/14/11)—On March 27, 2011, hundreds of communities and neighborhoods across the country will celebrate Black Marriage Day, first observed nationally in 2003. Judson Press will recognize the occasion with two free webinars presented by Dr. Harold Arnold Jr., author of the 2009 release Marriage ROCKS for Christian Couples and the Marriage ROCKS Leader’s Guide.

Dr. Arnold explains, “There is a battle going on for marriages, particularly in the African American community where marriage rates are among the lowest and divorce rates are among the highest.” According to 2009 U.S. Census Bureau reports, by their early 30s, half of African Americans have never married, compared with 31 percent or lower for other groups. By their early 40s, 31% of black women have never married as compared to nine percent of white women, eleven percent of Asian women and twelve percent of Hispanic women.

Despite the historical role of the church in black family life, Dr. Arnold reports that fewer than five percent of black churches have a specific marriage and family ministry. It then is not surprising that national statistics show that the prevalence of relational deficits among church goers mirrors those outside of the church. In his first webinar on Friday, March 18 at noon, Dr. Arnold will present “Beating the Odds: How to Build a Transformational Marriage Ministry in Your Church.” This webinar will acknowledge the challenges in establishing and sustaining viable marriage and family ministries, and offer a biblically-grounded model on which to build by tightly integrating theology, psychology, and culture for the 21st century church.

On Thursday, March 24 at 7:00 p.m., Dr. Arnold will present “5 Steps to Claiming the Marriage that You Deserve.” This webinar based on Marriage ROCKS is targeted to individuals and couples at all levels of relational intimacy and is designed to help them make the most of their relationships.

More information about Marriage ROCKS for Christian Couples is available online at, and links to registration for both webinars are also available on the Judson Press website at

About the Author: Harold L. Arnold Jr. holds a PhD in social and organizational psychology from Temple University and a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is president and founder of Discovering Family International (DFI), an organization that promotes the virtues and values of family life. Dr. Arnold is also creator of the Marriage ROCKS™ program and co-creator of the Managing the Marriage-Money-Me$$™ workshop.

Dr. Arnold is the point person for the Black Marriage and Family Task Force of the national Association of Marriage and Family Ministries.

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