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Orientation to American Baptist Life (OTABL)

Learn about the American Baptist Family
Meet with Leaders
Create a Network of ABC Colleagues
Connect with Mentors
Attend the 2021 Biennial Mission Summit

Here’s when it happens:
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm ET

March 4: Featuring – ABCUSA Office of the General Secretary (OGS)   View Resource Document  |  View Recorded Session
April 15: Featuring – Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board (MMBB) View Resource Document | View Recorded Session
April 29: Featuring – American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) View Resource Document | View Recorded Session
May 13: Featuring – International Ministries (IM) View Resource Document
May 27: Featuring – Regional Ministries and MinistrElife
June 10: Featuring – American Baptist Historical Society and American Baptist Women’s Ministries (ABWM); Worship Celebration
Biennial Mission Summit: June 24-26, 2021 

While we live during a global pandemic, as people of faith, we live in hope.  With hope in mind, we invite you to participate in the 2021 Orientation to American Baptist Life (OTABL).  As an ABC seminarian or minister new to American Baptists, you are qualified to participate in this biennial opportunity.

Orientation will occur virtually through a series of Zoom gatherings beginning March 4.  The OTABL not only provides a wealth of information about the American Baptist Churches USA, it also provides opportunity for you to meet denominational leaders and others from across the spectrum of the American Baptist family.  Through these virtual gatherings, you will become better informed about our heritage, identity, and mission and while finding encouragement for your ministry among American Baptists.

A $75 non-refundable registration fee includes both OTABL and the 2021 online Biennial Mission Summit.

To register for the conference, click here.

No matter when, it’s never too late to join us! Please register for upcoming sessions, above.

For registration questions, please contact Sharese Shedrick at conference@abc-usa.org or at 610-768-2234.

If you have any questions, please e-mail otabl@abc-usa.org.

We look forward to meeting you, trusting God’s wisdom and grace to guide us through these challenging times!


Jeff Woods
Interim General Secretary
American Baptist Churches USA

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What OTABL Meant To Me

Justin T.: “Building relationships with other new clergy.”

Jennifer S.: “Connect with other new clergy and with my own executive minister in a context outside of our daily work/interactions.”

David V.: “Made some wonderful connections at Orientation. The network of colleagues I found myself leaning on early in ministry, was made up mostly of people I met at orientation!”

Paul H.: “For a student at a non-ABC seminary OTABL was a tremendous opportunity to learn about our denomination directly from ministry leaders… Being ABC at a UMC seminary forced me to really determine if I was American Baptist and what that meant. Coming to OTABL was like the long-lost cousin showing up at a family reunion and having everyone say “Let me tell you about your family.”

Diana Hamrick Thompson: ”Learning about MMBB.”

Marie W.: “Exposure to beautiful diversity like I had never seen!”

Sarah S.: “Connections, not only to peers, but a connection to my denomination and a reminder of why I’m American Baptist.”

Donald N.: “It’s like freshman initiation. It’s like adding my tribe to a larger diverse one. It’s like a family where you always have a place at the table.”

Julia B.: “Meeting staff and understanding the structure and work of the denomination.”