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Published on July 17th, 2017 | by ABCUSA


Up to Camp: A Summer Reading Series (Part 3)

Over the summer months, Acting Associate General Secretary for Mission Resource Development Dr. Al Fletcher invited leaders to share their recommended “Summer Reading Material” for an Up to Camp series. As you pack for camp this summer, grab one of these books to take along! Read Part 1 of the series, here. Read Part 2 of the series, here. Rev. Dr. John S. Williams, Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of the Central Region, shares two recommendations below.

For fun reading I would suggest “Dark Snow: A Struggle for Justice” by Mike Lawrence.  It is a fascinating piece of historical fiction that begins in southwest Kansas and moves across the changing landscape of late 19th century America.  I really liked this adventurous romp through an important time in America’s history and particularly appreciated the details of life in Southeast Kansas. The struggle for justice weaves its way through more than the main character’s search for his family’s killer. The accurate historical snippets anchored the narrative as more than story. I am looking forward to the sequel and hope it is available soon.

For something a bit more serious, I am enjoying Rick Qualls’ devotional book, “Bright Spots in the Darkness.”  It is a book of devotions for those suffering with mental depression but I find it particularly helpful for those who interact with depression-sufferers, whether family, friends, parishioners or co-workers.  Rick writes out of his own experience and offers helpful insight for coping with the “secret affliction” of so many.

Rev. Dr. John S. Williams, Executive Minister

American Baptist Churches of the Central Region

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