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Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22…

Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22. We invite you to use the worship resources below in planning for church services/church bulletins commemorating the occasion of Earth Day in 2015. Reading provided by the World Council of Churches.

Gospel Reading – Matthew 5:1-12

Silent Reflection – four minutes

Leader 1: We are called to sow the seeds of justice and peace in our daily lives.
Leader 2: We are called to tend and cultivate those seeds, so they can grow to be the trees of life.

Leader 1: Trees that bear fruit to feed the hungry.
Leader 2: Trees that hold water for the birthing of rivers and irrigation of the land.

Leader 1: Trees that heal God’s creation suffering from injustice, oppression, conflict, and disaster.
Leader 2: Trees that shelter and provide shade for all creation.

Leader 1: Trees whose resources provide for workers and artisans.
Leader 2: Trees that produce oxygen to sustain all living things.

Leader 1: We are called to plant and cultivate the seeds of righteousness without selfish ambition, but only with the heart of a compassionate servant.
Leader 2: We are called to plant a garden of justice and peace amongst diverse religions, cultures, races and nations.




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