Nurturing Generous Disciples

Generosity is at the heart of Christian discipleship.  Generosity is more than just being financially gracious, it is a way of life, a spirit, a grace.  Generosity is the way in which Jesus called his followers into the world, pouring out compassion, hospitality, companioning presence, and courageous justice.  Through our Generosity newsletter and our Generous Disciples webpage, my hope is we can be in conversation about nurturing generosity in our congregations, our communities, our families, and most importantly, ourselves.  In this article, I invite you to muse with me on how generosity begins by remembering

Or, read Part 2: Generosity is a Willing Spirit  and Part 3: Generosity is Responding.

~Rev. Stacy Emerson, Stewardship Facilitator, Mission Resource Development

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