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American Baptist Churches Organizational and promotional logosfor print and web. – Huge searchable database of graphics and artwork for print and web. Monthly charge for unlimited use.

CGI Scripts
Freeware and Shareware CGI scripts, Java Scripts, and other aids for website developers (Message boards, counters, surveys, forms, etc.)
Suggestions for Web Hosting Services
One of the most common questions asked of us is for a recommendation for a free or inexpensive web hosting service for local churches. It is also one of the most difficult to answer, because the needs and available resources of each church are different. There are 2 services we can recommend that will meet the needs of most churches with limited means and experience. Please note: While ABCUSA recommends these services, we are not in any way affiliated with or responsible for services rendered, and thus cannot be held liable resposible for any failures on the parts of these services. However, if you do have a bad experience with any of these services, please let us know so that we can continue to offer recommendations that are helpful to churches.

You will need to visit each of these sites and evaluate them for yourself, comparing their services with your needs and skill level.

Remember, once you have developed your website, be sure to call or email your region office and let them know the church website URL so they can add it to the directory of American Baptist Churches Information Systems (ABCIS). Please include your correct URL, church name, address, and webmaster name.
Free Services
Developed by the American Bible Society, the goal of this site is to provide free webhosting service to every church in the world. offers three levels of service depending on your need and experience.

Level 1 – Simple church listing on the directory. This allows you to post your basic information on their searchable database. People searching for a church in a particular location are directed to your information. Searches can be narrowed by denomination.

Level 2- Complete church listing, includes calendar and announcements and other basic text-based information.

Level 3- Template based, maximum of 16 pages, graphics allowed, traditional website.

Online software allows for daily updating by person untrained in HTML programming.
Typical URL: Does not support domain name service.


Inexpensive Services offers a very user-friendly web site editing system and integrated enhancements including electronic postcards and other community-building components.

Domain name registration (first year) and search engine registration are included in price. No set up fee and $24.95 per month.


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