Lenten Devotional Series

Throughout the 2019 Lenten Season, the Office of the General Secretary will share a periodic online devotional for prayer and contemplation on the American Baptist Churches USA website.

As Christians during Lent we journey alongside Jesus throughout his time in the wilderness. This devotional series seeks to recognize the desert that Jesus journeyed through as well as the deserts that we journey through in our own lives. The landscape of a desert wilderness symbolizes a variety of things for Jesus and for us. There are some beautiful, yet barren physical conservation wilderness areas that we travel through to get from one place to another. There are also beautiful, yet barren wildernesses that we travel through in our spiritual lives. Sometimes these desert wildernesses bring us feelings of emptiness, abandonment, loneliness, pain, and silence. Other times these desert wildernesses bring us feelings of awe, holiness, healing, and transformation.

It has been a great joy to receive submissions of devotions and reflections from across our American Baptist Regions. We invite you to join us on this Lenten journey as we share our stories together recognizing, honoring, and lifting up the ways that God meets us in the wilderness.

Blessings for this journey,
Rev. Rebecca Driscoll


Links to Series Devotionals

Ash Wednesday by Rev. Rebecca Driscoll

The Wilderness and Beyond by Rev. Dr. Leo S. Thorne

When the Desert Chooses You by Rev. Mary Day Miller

Expectation, Not Expectations by Rev. Dr. Bruce E. Cochran



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