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Building A Movement Among Baptists that Seeks Peace,
Justice, and Reconciliation with all of God’s Creation

American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA) has long heard God’s call to tend, love and care for God’s creation and all people.  We have understood that ecological care and human justice are one, two sides of the same coin. In 2016, the ABC Creation Justice Network, a Taskforce of the ABCUSA Board of General Ministries, was formed to encourage individuals and congregations to engage in this critical witness and work of the Gospel. The ABCUSA Office of the General Secretary has partnered with the ABC Creation Justice Network, Creation Justice Ministries and ecoAmerica to galvanize the work our churches have been doing on climate solutions and to build visible national leadership. One way we are doing this is through “Blessed Tomorrow,” an ecoAmerica program by people of faith, for people of faith, offering ideas, tools and language that are familiar, compelling and effective in addressing climate change.

The organization ecoAmerica provides strategies, research, resources and tools to help national organizations become leaders on climate solutions through effective advocacy and engagement of their constituents. Together Blessed Tomorrow and ecoAmerica provide resources that put us on a path to a positive future while maintaining the unique voice of American Baptist Churches USA.

Blessed Tomorrow engages a coalition of faith leaders who seek to advocate for climate change, recognizing the moral imperative to care for God’s creation.

Working in partnership, ABCUSA and Blessed Tomorrow seek to:

  1. Build visible national leadership on climate solutions, institutionalizing climate action as a faith imperative within our denomination;
  2. Build climate literate national and community leaders, including pastors, by providing educational resources and materials;
  3. Engage ABC member congregations in climate solutions, including the development of Creation Justice Churches in collaboration with the Creation Justice Network; and
  4. Build collective support and action for climate solutions.

We encourage you to visit the links below for additional information and resources to get your churches and community to begin talking about climate solutions. If your church is already involved in seeking climate solutions, we hope you will find new ideas and valuable resources below to enhance the work you are doing. And of course, please send us news of the great projects you are doing so we can share it with others.

With Blessed Tomorrow, we can offer introductory workshops and training sessions for clergy and congregations. Please contact Rev. Rebecca Driscoll at


Become a Creation Justice Congregation

2020 Creation Justice Ministries Lent Calendar   (Download in black and white here.)

Download Earth Day Resource “The Fierce Urgency of Now”

Creation Justice to be Highlighted at Upcoming Mid-American Baptist Churches Ministers Council Retreat

The Blessed Tomorrow Moving Forward: A Guide to Climate Action For Your Congregation and Community provides you with information and resources to reduce energy use, to build resilient houses of worship as refuges from a changing climate, and to encourage support for policies that better care for creation.

American Baptist Churches Invited to Partner with ecoAmerica through Carbon Offset Program

Journeying Toward the Summit by the Sea  A Pastoral Letter on Environmental Care and Creation Justice in observance of the 48th Anniversary of Earth Day
by Rev. Dr. Lee B. Spitzer, former ABCUSA General Secretary

Lets Talk Faith and Climate brochure

A Matter of Stewardship: Eco-Justice in Biblical Perspective Workshop

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Creation Justice Network Steering Committee:
Tom Carr (Coordinator:
Ashley Anderson
Karyn Bigelow
Rebecca Driscoll
Stacey Simpson Duke
Ian Mevorach
Kathleen Moore
Don Ng
Jamie Washam
David Wheeler

Visit our Partners and Friends

  • Creation Justice Ministries
    Through our participation in Creation Justice Ministries, our ecumenical partner, we have developed working relationships with Baptist partners in the Alliance of Baptists and the Progressive National Baptist Convention.
  • Blessed Tomorrow
    Blessed Tomorrow is a program for faith leaders, from faith leaders, that provides a network of support, guidance, and a robust platform of tools and resources to inspire and empower your climate change leadership.
  • ecoAmerica
    ecoAmerica reaches millions of Americans from all walks of life through a rapidly growing network of 200+ mainstream institutions and leaders from outside the traditional environmental movement.
  • Interfaith Power and Light
    An interfaith organization linking various faith traditions engaged in climate change from a faith perspective.
  • Eco-Justice Ministries
    An ecumenical Christian ministry which provides resources for education, “greening your church,” action steps, worship.
  • Green Faith
    A national, interfaith organization.  A fabulous website for resources for education, worship, congregational resources, etc.
  • Evangelical Envrionmental Network
    An evangelical network whose purpose is to support and empower evangelical and other Christian communities to care for God’s creation from a biblical perspective.