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Published on June 13th, 2017 | by ABCUSA


Transformation Story: Fairfield First Baptist Church, ME

In Spring 2017, we invited American Baptists from across the country to share their Transformation Stories – this is a part of the Transformed by the Spirit initiative. Videos and written stories are included as provided by local churches and American Baptists. Want to share your story? Submit written and video submissions to: View the full list of Transformation Stories here.

Transformation Story: Fairfield First Baptist Church, ME

In 2015 Fairfield First Baptist Church in Fairfield, Maine found itself facing deficits in every area of ministry. Our resources were drained, our pastor was gone and attendance was less than 25 people a week. We were emotionally and spiritually drained. We called on Rev. Dr. Al Fletcher from ABCOM and under his guidance we began a journey with God that has taken us in a direction we could never have imagined. We couldn’t afford a pastor and God blessed us with a Pastoral Student who did an internship with us. We got the benefit of consistency in Pastoral leadership and he got an opportunity to preach and do hands on pastoral ministry. The leadership of the church had to step up and truly become servant leaders in every area of ministry. The result has been amazing. Our worship style has changed and our focus is on Christ and the unity of the body. The congregation has grown both spiritually and numerically, people are using their gifts, and we are fiscally solvent again. God has indeed transformed us from a mindset of “do we have a church” to “this is God’s Church and we are blessed to be his servants in building it.”

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