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Published on April 5th, 2013 | by ABCUSA


Focusing on Missions and Seeking Justice: Why I’m Proud to be an American Baptist

The reflection below was written by Lorna Hansen, member of Court Street Baptist Church in Auburn, Maine. This is part of a new featured series, “Proud to be an American Baptist.” Check the ABCUSA website and other publications in the near future to see more stories! View the archive and learn why others are proud to be American Baptist by clicking here

Being a member of the American Baptist family was, is, and shall continue to be an important and exciting part of my life.  I was born and raised American Baptist, where both home and church introduced me to Jesus Christ and a rounded education of the Bible.  American Baptist teachers, preachers, camp counselors, and lay women influenced and guided my young life as I looked for God’s purpose using the gifts He had given me.  I also chose an American Baptist College (Eastern Baptist College), which not only prepared me for a teaching career, but also broadened my awareness of my responsibilities toward my brothers and sisters in my neighborhood and around the world.

American Baptists have maintained a focus on missions and seeking justice for those who are vulnerable.  I have a passion for both missions and the needs of the marginalized, but realize that my efforts are small.  Being part of the bigger family, American Baptists, our individual gifts and efforts are far-reaching. 

Now, as a retired woman, I reflect on the highlights and blessings of my life – both past and present.  They all have American Baptist roots.  Having served on both the American Baptist Women’s Ministries and International Ministries Boards, I have had experiences I would never have dreamed possible.  I am blessed because of this denominational family who have nurtured me, educated me, given me opportunities to lead and serve, and brought me in contact with the most inspiring sisters and brothers in Christ who continue to motivate me to find purpose.

Lorna Hansen

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